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“I had the pleasure of working with Kevin Basso while a member of the new business sales team at Computer Guidance Corporation. I found Kevin to be very knowledgeable about the construction industry vertical market. Kevin was always coming up with creative programs for lead generation and innovative market support materials. He was always ready to assist the sales team in whatever was needed and would always deliver what was asked for in a timely manner. Kevin would be an asset to any marketing organization. He is fun to work with, always willing to help others, and is truly passionate about the marketing programs he fosters. Kevin Basso is a true marketing professional and I highly recommend him to any company who wants to improve the performance of their marketing team.”

- David Suchomel, Business Development Manager, Computer Guidance Corporation

“Kevin is the top Marketing Manager I have worked with. He develops innovative and extremely professional marketing materials quickly. His ability to coordinate webinars with both a meaningful topic and valuable prospects in attendance is second to none. Kevin is a tremendous asset to any forward thinking business development group.”

- David Milner, Vice President of Business Development, ePropertyTax

“Kevin was a pleasure to work with, and as a team leader he listened, encouraged, and brought out the best in everyone. He's an asset to any company lucky enough to have him.” April 22, 2010

- Stephenie Crowley, Exec. Assistant to the CEO, Computer Guidance Corporation

“Kevin did a masterful job in implementing an updated marketing system for Computer Guidance. He was the mastermind behind their webinars which brought a new learning tool to their clients. He then enlarged the scope by bringing in professional partnerships to help further educate their clients on

broader issues; legal, accounting, HR, insurance and others. Kevin understands customer service and loyalty, he is willing to think outside the box, and would be a welcome addition to any company.”

- Doug Singer, Founder, Insurance Consulting & Claims Services LLC


John Metzlaar – Director of Creative Development, TriVita

Bill Craig- Director of Business Development – Computer Guidance Corporation

Greg Cayten – Lead Creative Writer, TriVita

Eric A. Hanshew, DuCharme McMillan & Associates, Director of Marketing

Tim Murray – President, Purcell Murray Company

Kevin Lyons-Tarr – President, 4imprint


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