e-Marketing Professional


E-MARKETING MANAGEMENT I am a hands-on Marketing Manager. I provide the strategic direction, project plans, timelines and execute various aspects of online and traditional marketing projects. Below are just some of my business and online marketing skills/techniques:

LEADING A TEAM – I have lead teams to success. I have over 14 years of hands-on experience in this marketing area and now I am ready to help grow and mold a team that is driven to results. I can’t wait to hire, train, mentor and manage a group of highly talented individuals.

CUSTOMER SERVICE MENTALITY – Customers love me. Every department or stakeholder is a client. I anticipate their needs before they do and are quick to help them understand techniques that are out of their comfort zone. If an issue does arise, the client always comes to me first knowing that I will help them find a solution.

EMAIL MARKETING: I can create the HTML for web pages and email, and am versed in segmentation, a/b testing, persuasive copy and a thirst for higher conversion rates.

SOCIAL MEDIA: I have extensive background in Social Media and its use in Online Marketing with an in-depth knowledge into utilizing the right types of social media for different types of clients and market spaces.

PAY PER CLICK: I really understand manage paid search marketing campaigns using Google Adwords, Yahoo/Overture & MSN. I have an in-depth understanding of CTR & ROI. I am experienced in banner ads & display advertisement along with link & media buying.

SEO: I am experienced in all aspects of search engine marketing and natural search optimization plus I have an in depth knowledge of ethical techniques accepted by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

WEB ANALYTICS: I have extensive knowledge of web traffic analytical software such as Ominture, Google Analytics, Webtrends, and a thorough understanding of analyzing data reports for SEO, PPC, Shopping Engines, etc.

AFFILIATE MARKETING: I’ve created and optimized affiliate marketing programs for TriVita / Sonoran Bloom. From defining the PAIT, getting marketers on board, and strategizing activities to propel revenue, I’ll be creating performance-based affiliate programs in various industries.

WORD OF MOUTH MARKETING: I can bring to the table experience in managing online word of mouth marketing campaigns. Seeding the online communities with creative information about products, services and brands in order to spread brand and move product.

BLOGS I have a deep knowledge of search marketing uses of Blogs & RSS Feeds.

ONLINE BRAND MANAGEMENT: I posses a passionate and in-depth knowledge of online reputation and brand management by monitoring various outlets such as search engines, blogs, social communities. I am an expert in optimizing press releases for the web to maximize subject matter exposure.

NETWORKING : I can’t wait to attend industry conferences and learn the latest trends. I am equally excited to present to a new audience – showcasing the company’s capabilities while making new contacts and coming up with creative ways to work with them.

Strategic Marketing Process

1. Think

Develop Online Marketing Strategy and aligning business objectives with the tools, campaigns, and metrics for success.

2. Tool

Identify & Implementing the software and systems to enable key business and marketing processes.

3. Do

Executing tactics & campaigns that map back to business objectives and provide engaging customer experiences.

4. Measure & Adjust

Tracking, reporting, analyzing and adjusting user experiences to provide improved customer experiences.



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